asymmetry effect

asymmetry effect
асимметричный эффект влияния на человека

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  • Asymmetry — is the absence of, or a violation of, a symmetry. In organismsDue to how cells divide in organisms, asymmetry in organisms is fairly usual in at least one dimension, with biological symmetry also being common in at least one dimension. Louis… …   Wikipedia

  • Cyclical asymmetry — is an economic term which describes any large imbalance in economic factors that occur due to purely cyclical reactions by a market or nation. This can include employment rates, debt retention, interest rates, bond strengths, or stock market… …   Wikipedia

  • Spectral asymmetry — In mathematics and physics, the spectral asymmetry is the asymmetry in the distribution of the spectrum of eigenvalues of an operator. In mathematics, the spectral asymmetry arises in the study of elliptic operators on compact manifolds, and is… …   Wikipedia

  • Inert pair effect — The term inert pair effect is often used in relation to the increasing stability of oxidation states that are 2 less than the group valency for the heavier elements of groups 13, 14, 15 and 16. The term inert pair was first proposed by Sidgwick… …   Wikipedia

  • Casimir effect — Casimir forces on parallel plates Casimir forces on parallel pl …   Wikipedia

  • Yarkovsky effect — The Yarkovsky effect is a force acting on a rotating body in space caused by the anisotropic emission of thermal photons, which carry momentum. It is usually considered in relation to meteoroids or small asteroids (about 10 cm to 10 km in… …   Wikipedia

  • Electro-optic effect — An electro optic effect is a change in the optical properties of a material in response to an electric field that varies slowly compared with the frequency of light. The term encompasses a number of distinct phenomena, which can be subdivided… …   Wikipedia

  • Yarkovsky-O'Keefe-Radzievskii-Paddack effect — The Yarkovsky O Keefe Radzievskii Paddack effect, or YORP effect for short, is a second order variation on the Yarkovsky effect which changes the rotation rate of a small body (such as an asteroid). The term was coined by Dr. David P. Rubincam in …   Wikipedia

  • Ionic atmosphere — is a concept employed in the use of the Debye Hückel equation which explains the conductivity behaviour of electrolytic solutions. Asymmetry, or Relaxation effectIf an electrical potential is applied to an electrolytic solution, a positive ion… …   Wikipedia

  • Nationalismus — bezeichnet eine Weltanschauung oder eine soziale Bewegung, die die Herstellung eines souveränen Nationalstaats und eine bewusste Identifizierung und Solidarisierung aller Mitglieder mit der Nation anstrebt. Die Existenz der Nation wird dabei… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Nationalist — Nationalismus bezeichnet eine politische Ideologie, die auf ein Zusammenfallen zwischen einer (beispielsweise ethnisch definierten) Nation und einem Staatsgebilde abzielt (Ernest Gellner, 1983). In der Umgangssprache und teilweise im neueren… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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